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2 years ago

JKO Of Cincinnati

JKO Of Cincinnati

4865 Smith Rd
West Chester, OH 45069, United States

Timing: Mon-Wed: 5pm-8pm/ Tue-Thu 6pm-8pm/Sat 10am-12pm

Japan Karate-Do of Cinti Inc is
Cincinnati’s premiere center for learning traditional Japanese martial arts. As
the Midwest center of JKO Hokushin Shito Ryu International style, Japan Karate-Do is
one of the finest places for people of all ages to learn karate from a
recognized world-class organization. Hanshi Minobu Miki, who was born in Japan and is an 8th degree black belt, runs JKO Cincinnati. Born into a family of Samurai heritage, Miki has
committed his life to passing down the ancient traditions of his ancestors. He
has taught karate in the US for the last 40 years and is a respected master of
martial arts. He, along with Head Sensei Alex Dell, are dedicated to teaching
students how to become mentally and physically strong through goal-oriented
training and regular practice. Using traditional martial arts teaching methods,
they teach each JKO member, regardless of age, how to apply the Dojo Kun pledge
to everyday challenges like overcoming peer pressure, concentrating better, and
staying healthy.Because karate is a practice that requires discipline,
dedication, and both inner and outer strength, it’s an ideal way to learn how
to refocus energy in a productive way, build self-esteem and get fit. Classes
are available for students as young as seven and for teens and adults over 13.
Whether you’re looking for a new fun activity or want to gain mental strength,
Japanese martial arts is a perfect way to reach your goals. Visit Japan Karate-Do of Cinti Inc online or
call (513) 860-4386 to sign up for
an introductory class today!